It all began in 1978 when I was ten years old – with STAR WARS, of course. Over the years I collected more and more of JOHN WILLIAMS‚ works, both on record and CD, and when I started this website in 2001, I realized that I was not alone with my love for great music. Since then, some of my fellow JOHN WILLIAMS fans have actually become my friends.

My collection has grown considerably since I first presented it on the internet. My thanks to everybody who offered trades, delivered information or gave advice – it’s refreshing to know that so many people out there are joined by their love for the music of JOHN WILLIAMS.

After 42 years of being a fan of the man and his music, I was finally fortunate enough to attend one of his concerts – the marvellous Vienna Concert with the Wiener Philharmoniker in January 2020. Luckily, I was joined by my good friends Miguel, Jos, Romao and Peio and consider the JOHN WILLIAMS weekend one of the most beautiful experiences of my life as a fan.

And then JOHN WILLIAMS came to Germany! In October 2021 I saw my friends Miguel and Romao again in Berlin and we attended a concert I never expected to happen – JOHN WILLIAMS conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker. A perfect night. Thank you, Maestro!

Markus Hable