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1954: Young Musician at Work in Newfoundland
(Newspaper Article)

1975: Knowing the Score
(Interview with Irwin Bazelon)

1976: RAH – Filmharmonic 76
Concert Program

1978: The LSO In Space
Concert Program

1978: John Williams Interview
Films and Filming Magazine

1980: RAH – Filmharmonic 80
Concert Program

1980: Tuneup Time for Pops Conductor
Los Angeles Times, April 30, 1980

1980: An American Institution Enters A New Era
Stereo Review

1981: A Pops Christmas Party
Concert Program

1982: Soundtrack!
March 1982

1982: John Williams Profile
PanAm Clipper

1982: A Pops Christmas Party
Concert Program

1990: Interview with Herbert W. Spencer
The Cue Sheet, July 1990

1994: Missing Music on the STAR WARS Anthology
Lukas Kendall, FSM

1996: John Williams at the Royal Academy of Music

1997: John Williams Interview
Total Film Magazine

1997: Return of the Trilogy

1997: John Williams Interview
Classic fm

1998: John Williams and the LSO
Concert Program

1998: On Saving Private Ryan
Classic fm

1999: The Phantom Menace

2002: John Williams zum 70.
Südkurier Konstanz, Feb 8, 2002

2003: John Williams Interview

2012: Harry Potter Analysis
Mikko Ojala

2013: Multi-faceted Movie Great
BBC Music Magazine

2018: An Evening with John Williams
Concert Program

2019: Anne-Sophie Mutter in Munich
Concert Program

2020: John Williams in Vienna
Photos and Concert Program

2021: John Williams in Berlin
Photos and Concert Program

2022: John Williams in Vienna
Concert Program

2022: John Williams in Milan
Photos and Concert Program

2024: The Making of a Maestro
Variety, March 6, 2024