Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Produced by John Williams
Director: Steven Spielberg

DreamWorks 0044-50385-2
Format: CD
Total Playing Time: 73:47
Date of Purchase: July 2, 2002
Cat. No. SC110
German Title: Minority Report

Track Listing

  1. Minority Report (6:29)
  2. „Can You See?“ (2:12)
  3. Pre-Crime to the Rescue (5:48)
  4. Sean and Lara (4:46)
  5. Spyders (4:33)
  6. The Greenhouse Effect (5:09)
  7. Eye-Dentiscan (4:48)
  8. Everybody Runs (3:10)
  9. Sean’s Theme (1:57)
  10. Anderton’s Great Escape (6:47)
  11. Dr. Eddie and Miss Van Eych (3:08)
  12. Visions of Anne Lively (3:27)
  13. Leo Crow… The Confrontation (5:55)
  14. „Sean“ by Agatha (4:59)
  15. Psychic Truth and Finale (7:10)
  16. A New Beginning (3:29)

Vocal Soloist: Deborah Diedrich

Supervising Music Editor: Ken Wannberg
Music Recorded and Mixed by Shawn Murphy at Sony Pictures Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA

John Williams has done a masterful job in his musical presentation of Minority Report. The plot and story find their roots in the combination of American film noir and the classic „whodunit“ mysteries that were so popular in the era of Humphrey Bogart and filmmaker John Huston. John Williams and I have often marveled at the way Bernard Herrmann was able to contribute so much musical suspense to an Alfred Hitchcock picture. So in that tradition of mystery, suspense and film noir, John has fashioned a fast-paced, yet dark portrait of America in the year 2054 when the murder of one human being by another can foretold through the miraculous gifts of three precognitives. Unlike our other collaborations, John’s score for Minority Report is not lush with melody; it is nonetheless brilliant in its complexity and forceful in its rhythms. It is the kind of music that will start in your spine and eventually find its way to your heart in the section titled „Sean’s Theme.“ If most of John’s scores for my films have been in color, I think of this score as his first one in black and white. But as in most of John’s music quite often you don’t need the pictures to understand the musical story that John is telling you. After all, John Williams is the greatest musical storyteller the world of movies has ever known.

Steven Spielberg