Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Produced by John Williams
Performed by The Hollwood Studio Symphony
Director: Steven Spielberg
Academy Award Nomination

Decca 987 9142
Format: CD
Total Playing Time: 62:44
Date: Feb 4, 2006
Cat. No. SC254
German Title: München

Track Listing

  1. Munich, 1972 (2:37)
  2. The Attack at Olympic Village (3:00)
  3. Hatikvah (The Hope) (2:02)*
  4. Remembering Munich (4:38)
  5. Letter Bombs (2:48)
  6. A Prayer for Peace (3:51)
  7. Bearing the Burden (8:11)
  8. Avner and Daphna (4:02)
  9. The Tarmac at Munich (3:59)
  10. Avner’s Theme (3:07)
  11. Stalking Carl (4:24)
  12. Bonding (1:57)
  13. Encounter in London / Bomb Malfunctions (3:37)
  14. Discovering Hans (2:47)
  15. The Raid in Tarifa (2:03)
  16. Thoughts of Home (4:03)
  17. Hiding the Family (1:25)
  18. End Credits (4:06)

*“Hatikvah“ is the National Anthem of Israel
Music composed by Samuel Cohen
Based on „Die Moldau“ by Bedrich Smetana
Recording arranged by John Williams

Lisbeth Scott, vocals
Gloria Cheng, piano
Steve Erdody, cello
John Ellis, oboe
Adam del Monte, guitar

Music Editors: Ken Wannberg, Ramiro Belgardt
Music Recorded and Mixed by Shawn Murphy

In the world of film scores, 2005 will be remembered as a John Williams red-letter year. Incredibly, John composed and conducted four scores: STAR WARS EPSIODE THREE – REVENGE OF THE SITH, WAR OF THE WORLDS, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, and MUNICH. Each of these scores only had the composer in common. The compositions couldn’t be more diverse, and clearly illustrates what I have been saying for years in my liner notes, that John Williams is a master of disguise. From deep space to deep history, from the furthest reaches of the Japanese culture to the darkest notes John has ever written to depict the collapse of civilization, fans of film music were treated to a John Williams concert in four acts. His last act of 2005 was to compose the music for a film inspired by the tragic events of 1972 and the Games of the Twentieth Olympiad in Munich, Germany where Black September kidnapped and murdered eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team. For me, the quintessential movement of John’s score for MUNICH entitled „A Prayer for Peace“ embraces the history of this tragedy while deeply honoring the memory of the members of the Israeli team who were murdered on September 6, 1972.

Steven Spielberg

Lisbeth Scott, vocals